Nathan II 18" x 20" Square Top White Marble and Black Metal End/Side Table

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  • 20.0" Tall End/Side Table

    The Nathan is a square side table measuring 18.0"L x 18.0"W x 20.0"H. 

  • Marble and Metal Construction

    This square side table features a clean, iron frame beneath a thick, marble tray top - a simple design that packs a stylish punch! 

  • White and Black Finish

    The white marble top has creamy undertones with grey and beige veining throughout, while the iron frame has an unfussy, matte black finish. *Marble is a natural material. Each piece has its own beautiful intricacies, and some may carry naturally occurring fissures. Please expect variations in colour and texture. 

  • Tray-top Design

    High, tray-like edges keep objects where they belong! 

  • Versatile Style

    We cant imagine a style in which the Nathan's minimal design and neutral aesthetic won't work! Can you? 

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