About Us

Barbara & Jacqueline Wright are the Founders of 7Rooms Home Decor & Gifts, operating in beautiful Ocean Park Village, South Surrey. As former Ocean Park residents, this Mother & Daughter team are familiar with this unique community and all it has to offer. At 7Rooms, there is something for everyone with a diverse collection of products & styles.

Our Mission

We help people create memories, feel positive & happy in the space they live in, the gifts they give, and the well-being and comfort of themselves and their pets.

We help people envision the possibilities for their space at home, and bring their ideas to life.

Our Team


Barbara earned her degree in computer programming. It was a competitive and intensive program, but she was determined to finish strong and graduate as the only female in her class.  Even though she enjoyed her career in programming, Barb found she was drawn back to her creative roots and left the IT industry to follow her passion for the arts and interior decorating.

For a time, while living in North Carolina, Barbara gained exposure to different furniture companies and expanded her decorating horizons and ideas. She found her dream area in HighPoint, North Carolina which is known as the furniture capital of the world. 

Mother to 6 children, and  never a dull moment in the Wright household, humour is what bonds the family together. To this day, you need a good sense of humour to keep up with the Wrights!  If you’re active or into fitness at all, you may have seenBarbara out in the Ocean Park community.  From yoga to bootcamps to weightlifting – and yes, even running up Oxford Street in White Rock, if there is an exercise experience to be had Barb is there… 8 days a week! Excited to now be on this next journey with her daughter Jacqueline… passion for life is what propels Barbara forward!


In addition to working with animals, Jackie has always had a passion for beautiful things. She gives this credit to her mother Barbara and just as Barbara got her passion for home decor & decorating from HER mother - the generational creativity keeps flowing! For many years Jacqueline watched her mother create unique and beautiful spaces within their family home and was drawn to using her own creativity in the same manner. After graduating from an Interior Decorating program with 100% on her final exam, the pair went into business with their own company, BonBon Interiors, and now with 7Rooms Home Decor & Gifts.

At home, Jacqueline is surrounded by her extended “fur family” on their South Langley farm. She has 3 Great Danes, a Lykoi ( werewolf cat), horses, pigs, chickens, and an alpaca! When she’s not working, you can find her horseback riding, at a dog show, hosting a game night or spending time with friends and family.




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